Sin And Lam Win Hong Kong 10 km Championships

Hong Kong 10 km Championships from Ken Thorley. The HKASA Hong Kong 10 km Championships were held in a protected Bay at Tai Mei Tuk. Both the men and women started together.

The course comprised 6 x 1.7 km laps in clear 25°C (77°F) water with calm conditions until the final lap when the wind came up and made conditions quite choppy.

Most of the swimmers stayed as a group for the first 3 laps, led by Australian age silver medallist Bill Thorley, Hui Chun Hin, and eventual winner Keith Sin.

Early in the race, Sunny Poon, who won 5 km The DWB two weeks ago, was in last position, almost 25 meters from the leaders.

In the second half of the race, the pace quickened as Sin, Jeffrey Wong, and last year’s winner Singha Chau broke away while Poon made a great run through the field to be sitting in the lead pack of four. The eventual top three broke away, leaving Chau, Hui, and Thorley as chasers, with last year’s runner-up, Keith Sin proving too good in the final 400 meters.

In the women’s race, eventual second place swimmer Wong Cho Ying led in the first half of the race over 2015 winner Kwok Cho Yiu, with winner Nikita Lam sitting patiently in third place. Lam, who had won the women’s section of The DWB 2 weeks earlier, surged to the lead in the final 5 km, winning by 31 seconds over Wong.

The results were a huge success for the Tai Po Swimming Club and coach Lai Ming, which produced the second- and third-placed swimmers in the men’s race, and first- and third-place in the women’s race.

Men’s Results 10 km Race
1. Keith Sin 1:51:46
2. Jeffrey Wong 1:52:02
3. Sunny Poon 1:52:13
4. Singha Chau 1:54:12
5. Hui Chun Hin 1:54:25
6. Bill Thorley 1:54:50
7. Law Lok Yin 1:55.25
8. Yau Chung Kiu 1:56:16
9. Kwan Ka Lung 1:56:18
10. Chan Tsz Hin 1:56:45
11. Tsang Tsz Ho 1:57:45
12. Lam Chak Fung 1:58:49
13. Yan Tsz Yeung 2:00:57
14. Ronny Chan 2:01:16
15. Bryan Leung 2:01:52
16. Chan Yin Kwan 2:04:37
17. Cheung Siu Hang 2:07:47
DNF Chow Man Tik
DNF Lam Chun Kit
DSQ Chan Tsz Kit

Women’s Results 10 km Race
1. Nikita Lam 1:55:53
2. Wong Cho Ying 1:56:24
3. Kwok Cho Yiu 1:57:49
4. Hanna Li 2:01:33
5. Ho Sheung Wai 2:03:32
6. Wong Ching Lam 2:07:44
DNF Leung Ching In
DSQ Chui Tak Yi

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