Singapore Open Water Goes In And Out

Singapore Open Water Goes In And Out

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

David Tay announced a new open water swimming event in Singapore: the Singapore Open Water held on October 10th.

The 800m and 4 km sea swim is held at the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre along the Changi Coast Walk in Singapore. The course is an 800m loop and is open to soloists and relays.

For the 4 km race, the athletes swim 5 loops of the 800m course with a 50m onshore run between each loop.

There are 4 divisions: Open, Tertiary (for polytechnic and university students), Schools (secondary and junior colleges), and Corporate.

We intend to organize more open water swimming events and couple of weekend retreats on Bintan Island, an hour’s ride via ferry in 2016,” explains Tay.

The 4 km course will challenge the swimmers with 5 ins-and-outs where they have to dolphin in and dolphin out, run along sand, and then sprint back in the water 5 times,” says American Steven Munatones who has enjoyed swimming in Singapore since the 1980s. “It is aerobically challenging to sprint for 800 meters, then dolphin, go vertical, run on soft sand, and then do it all again. But with the spectators lining the course, it is always enjoyable for the participants.”

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