Six Loops Of Olympic Charm

Six Loops Of Olympic Charm

The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park in the center of London will consist of six loops of 1.67 km each in a course that is shaped somewhat like a kidney bean.

While some traditionalists have commented that the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim is not “real” open water swimming, others believe differently. Although “real” open water swimming occasionally includes cold water, navigation, currents, sharks, jellyfish, waves and rough water, the Olympic course in London offers its own particular challenges:

Few straight-line tangents in the course, relatively cool waters, the pressure-packed ambiance of the Olympic stage, global media attention, an incredibly fast pace (1:04 – 1:12 per 100 meters without walls or rest for 10,000 meters), the brute physicality of 25 closely packed competitors, tactical skills necessary for good buoy turns, the ability to pace, position and surge in a tight pack are real-enough tests for the Olympics athletes – many of whom will go on to complete channel swims and other open water swims around the world in extremely fast times.

It will be quite a show, six times over.

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Steven Munatones