Six Women Swim For SEALs In the Open Water

Six Women Swim For SEALs In the Open Water

An all-female Night Train Swimmers relay team will attempt to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands this weekend.

Kim Chambers and team will attempt to replicate – and beat – the recent time of 14:45:08 by another Night Train Swimmers relay.

Vito Bialla had a distinct hand in helping his female colleagues. Vito had prepared a back-up Coast Guard permit for June 4th in case of failure on their attempt.

The ever-smiling and ebullient Kim raised a question, “Why let a good permit go to waste? The Navy SEALs might appreciate six cute, tough women raising money for them doing our own version of hell week.”

Known as the infamous Red Triangle, due to the historically-high concentration of Great White Shark attacks, the attempt is also serving as a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project, Semper Fi Fund and the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Kim, Laura Vartain Horn, Cathy Delneo, Melissa King, Lynn Kubasek and Patti Bauernfeind can be followed by a live GPS tracking here.

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