Skins vs. Suits Camaraderie In The Open Water

Skins vs. Suits Camaraderie In The Open Water

Kara Robertson of Swim Las Vegas provided these photographs from the 2011 Slam The Dam that express some concepts about contemporary open water swimming.

The photograph on left shows the camaraderie that can cross neoprene lines. While the opinions of traditionalists and triathletes or newcomers may never meet primarily due to the water temperature, they still share the open water and most share stories at the end of the competition, all in good fun and good company.

The photograph of the t-shirt expresses a few thoughts of kayakers, paddlers and volunteers privately have throughout the world of open water swimming. After a day out on the lake or ocean escorting, feeding, navigating and protecting the open water swimmers, the volunteers all appreciate a few words of gratitude. And the open water swimming community keeps sharing their heartfelt appreciation for their generous help and hours of unselfish devotion to the sport.

Photos courtesy of Kara Robertson of Slam The Dam and Swim Las Vegas.

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Steven Munatones