Slip On With Special Needs

Slip On With Special Needs

Dianne Rothhammer Sheetz brought down a barrier for people with limited mobility who wish to swim. The mother of a two-time Olympic medalist explained the reasons behind her aquapreneurial inspiration.

In 1997, the idea for the SlipOn™ Swimsuit came about as I was waiting after a Parkinsons’ aquatic therapy class. One gentleman said, “I have to wait up to 30 minutes for my wife to take off her swimsuit and get dressed again.”

She worked 8 months designing a swimsuit for people with special needs and for those without the strength nor flexibility in their hands.

Finally we came up with the concept of the wrap-around Adapted SlipOn™ Swimsuit. We applied for a Utility Patent and were awarded the patent with 17 design points. The suit meets the needs of women suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, obesity, Parkinson’s and other mobility restrictions.”

And she is well on her way to realize her dream to see a SlipOn™ Swimsuit available to all women and children who need one.

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