Small Group Clubhous Swims 2020

Small Group Clubhous Swims 2020

Small Group Clubhous Swims 2020

Courtesy of Phil White, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

On June 27, Kingdom Games kicked off its radically redesigned summer of Small Group Socially Distanced Open Water Swimming. Nine swimmers and nine kayakers swam various distances out and around Bell Island, Black Island, and Cove Island.

The swim was held in conformity with Vermont’s Mandatory Health & Safety Requirements for all Business, Non-Profit & Government Operations, in particular Section 4.2. We set the following standards for the swim:

* Participation is limited to 10 swimmers and 10 kayakers who are Vermonters or out-of-staters coming from designated counties in New York and New England with COVID-19 rates equal to or less than Vermont’s or who have self quarantined for 14 days.
* Swims are non-competitive recreational swims held for the simple joy of open water swimming. There will be no awards or official times provided.
* There are no spectators.
* All paperwork (releases and safety instructions) are managed online before the swim.
* Participants are required to wear cloth masks and be socially distanced prior to and after the swim.
* Participants start at 2-minute intervals with no mass starts.
* Participants must leave the beach following their swim and not congregate.
* No food is served before or after the swim.
* ‘Poop bucket’ with individual garbage bag liners are provided to those who need to use it and take it with them.

Phil White wrote, “This year, Kingdom Games cancelled all large group swims. But when the State of Vermont allowed outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people and set its standards regarding the logistics of such events, we decided to host a series of 8 Saturday Swims in Derby Bay during July and August and including this first swim in June. We also have just received a Marine Event Permit from the Department of Public Safety to hold a Small Group Socially Distanced NEK Swim Week from August 8th to August 16th.

We think the first socially distanced swim went well. We will be closely monitoring each event to determine whether our safety precautions have worked to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and allow for a measure of open water swimming in Vermont this summer. We are particularly looking to attract Vermonters this summer and have lowered the prices to range from $50 to $100 per swim

6.7-mile Son of a Swim Results on June 27th:
1. Charlotte Brynn
2. Margaret Rivard
3. Vera Rivard
4. Paula Yankauskas
5. Alice Urban
6. Jimmy Wu
7. Heidi Brynn
8. Lyn Goldsmith
9. Jennifer Grace
10. Natalie Lang

Vera Rivard swimming past Black Island in Derby Bay.

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