A Sneak Peak At Openwaterpedia

A Sneak Peak At Openwaterpedia

Openwaterpedia will soon be launched by Open Water Source. Openwaterpedia will be a unique, comprehensive, multi-lingual online reference and research tool for the entire open water swimming community.

Already there are 734 different world open water swimming records, set in lakes, oceans, channels, canals, bays and rivers, posted in the pre-launch Openwaterpedia site that will be unveiled at the 2011 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in New York City – with many more to come.

Openwaterpedia will include tens of thousands of entries – all accessible to the public – including the following:

– Words, terms, phrases and definitions used in the sport (e.g., feeding sticks)
– Locations and venues where open water swimming is done (e.g., Waikiki)
– Open water swimming events on five continents (e.g., Midmar Mile)
– Notable and professional open water swimmers (e.g., Matthew Webb)
– International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductees (e.g., Lynne Cox)
– Channel and marathon swimmers of all ages, abilities and countries.
– Equipment, tools, devices and methodologies (e.g., GPS)
– Eco-swims and charity swims (e.g., Swim Across America)
– World open water swimming records of all distances and types
– Sponsors of open water swimmers or events (e.g., Cadiz)
– Manufacturers of open water swimming equipment (e.g., blueseventy)
– Vendors to the open water swimming community (e.g., SwimTrek)
– Open water swimming and triathlon coaches
– Governing bodies (e.g., Channel Swimming Association) and their Officers
– Major anniversary dates (e.g., 1875, when English Channel was first crossed)
– Websites (e.g., www.flowersseaswim.com)
– Escort pilots and administrators
– Members of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming
– Members of the Half Century Clubs
– Names and biographies of any open water swimmer and triathlete of any age, ability, background and country
– Open water swimming Facebook Groups, online forums and Google Groups
– Open water swimming YouTube and Vimeo video links
– and much more of interest to the global open water swimming community.

Stay tuned…

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Steven Munatones