So Much More Than Just A Lake

So Much More Than Just A Lake

blueseventy inked an agreement with the new Lakeside Multisports Centre in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England to continue its investment in the sport of open water swimming.

Lakeside Multisports Centre sits on an open water swimming lake and will open in April when it will offer free swimming opportunities for the first month.

Swimmers under the age of 16 and over the age of 60 will be free throughout the year. open water swimming lake will also offer an open water, triathlon and the blueseventy aquathlon series in a well-marked, relatively shallow 400-meter loop. It is anticipated that the water temperature in spring and summer will be around 20°C (68°F).

In an extremely wise move, blueseventy will use the facilities and opportunities for product testing and development with a full range of wetsuits and swimwear available for trial and purchase. It is also a National Open Water Coaching appointed venue.

Brett Britton of Lakeside Multisports said, “We worked with the British Triathlon Federation and Eastleigh Borough Council to open our doors as a specialist centre for the development of open water swimming and triathlon. The venue is perfect for swimming. It’s an ideal size for safety and we have excellent facilities including changing rooms, hot showers, a lecture room and a cafe.”

Dean Jackson of blueseventy said, “With access to open water swimming fairly limited in the UK, it’s really exciting to have a facility that is completely dedicated to swimming and open throughout the year. We will have a full range of wetsuits, goggles and swimwear available for people to try out, which is particularly valuable when buying a wetsuit for the first time to ensure the correct fit and product choice. The sport of open water swimming had a tremendous boost when it featured in the 2008 Olympic Games for the first time, and its popularity can only increase in the lead up to hosting the open water events at the Serpentine in 2012.”

Swim on.

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