Solo Swim Across Sea Of Cortez Will Encounter Challenges Big And Small

Solo Swim Across Sea Of Cortez Will Encounter Challenges Big And Small

The first solo attempt across the Sea of Cortez will pit Paul Lundgren against creatures large and small over 60 miles.

Paul talks about his 96.5K challenge from Baja California to mainland of Mexico, “People are continuously exceeding the limits of physical endurance. The new frontier is not across the spans of oceans or found on the top of mountains. The new frontier is the inner span of our imaginations and the potential of our courage to explore and change within our hearts.”

Paul will face everything the seas can throw at a marathon swimmer: Great White Sharks, jellyfish, rough bumpy conditions and at least one whole night of swimming in solitary blackness.

In order for this Sea of Cortez crossing to be successful I have to make drastic changes to the way I live my life and approach this challenge. It is my position that our modern day lives and our futures depend on our abilities to manage increasing challenges both environmentally and economically, and that to not just survive but thrive, we must master the call of change.”

Paul’s call for change will be documented and filmed by Doug Myers, a five-time Emmy award-winning director and producer. Doug has produced several Olympic Games starting with Seoul in 1988, as well as professional and college sports championships, including Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cups, NBA Finals and NCAA Final Fours.

It is our guess that Doug will see heroism out in the Sea of Cortez that will put the athletic exploits of the land-based competitions he has filmed in a whole different perspective.

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Steven Munatones