Somewhere Out There In The Monstrous Pacific

Somewhere Out There In The Monstrous Pacific

Jeff Kozlovich, Penny Palfrey‘s paddleboard guide on her solo 72-mile Kaieiewaho Channel swim, announced that Penny and her team are ready to go around April 24th, depending on weather conditions. Jeff, who is participating to raise money for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, will be joined on the 30-40 hour epic journey by Forrest Nelson, Bill Goding, Neil Vaughan and Captain Don Jones.

Penny explained her perspective, “I have great respect for its vast distance, the 3000-meter depth of water beneath me, the sea life in it, the weather that I may encounter and the ocean swells, however I know I have a great support team behind me as my date with the Kaieiewaho Channel approaches.”

In a recent article in the Los Angeles Times (Like a bolt over the blue), John Wright eloquently describes the Kaieiewaho Channel as he boards a catamaran across the Kaieiewaho Channel, “…[as we left Oahu], it took us only a few thousand feet before Honolulu’s incandescent glow faded and the dark sky opened into a dot matrix of starlight.”

“…we were now migrating from the comfort of solid landmass. Beyond Kaena Point [Penny’s starting point] was the seemingly endless ocean. There was no escaping it…as soon as we hit the Channel, the trade winds hit us…Kauai was somewhere out there in the monstrous Pacific.”

Photo by the Los Angeles Times.

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