Southern California Open Water Swimming Stars

Southern California Open Water Swimming Stars

There are hotbeds of open water swimming around the world: Sydney, Cork, Cape Town, Cancun, Grand Cayman, Quebec, Rio de Janeiro, Perth, and San Francisco where there are an abundance of races and open water swimmers of all ages, abilities and walks of life.

These hotbeds are situated near iconic bodies of water that offer numerous courses for training and competition. People swim year-round with several races held during the summer months.

One of those hotbeds includes Southern California, a population center near Los Angeles that spreads from Orange County to Pasadena to Ventura. Depending on how it is defined or measured, the area includes up to 22 million residents and hosts dozens of open water swims from age-group competitions to masters swimming events, but also includes triathlons, lifeguard competitions, swim-run biathlons, Catalina Channel solo swims and relays, and different pods, squads and teams of swimmers dotting the coastline from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Southern Pacific Masters Swimming runs a 10-race Open Water Series for its registered adult swimmers who compete in the following races:

1. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 1 mile
2. Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, 3 miles
3. Semana Nautica, 6 miles
4. Balboa to Newport Pier-to-Pier, 2 miles
5. Nadadores Rough Water Swim at Salt Creek, 2.4 mile
6. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 1.2 mile swim
7. OptimisSport Distance Swim Challenge, 2.4 mile swim
8. Don Burns Corona del Mar Swim, 1 mile
9. Slam The Dam at Lake Mead, 1.2 mile loop
10. Slam The Dam at Lake Mead, 2.4 mile loop

In 2012, Hollywood stuntman Hubie Kerns and former world-class swimmer Veronica Hibben took top honors for their season-long dominance in the Open Water Series. The other age-group winners included:

19-24 years: Carri Cook
25-29 years: Lexie Kelly
30-34 years: Jessica Krick
35-39 years: Tanya MacLean
40-44 years: Vanessa Mesia
45-49 years: Melissa Latt
50-54 years: Lynn Kubasek
55-59 years: Veronica Hibben
60-64 years: Carol Hayden

35-39 years: Craig Gutjahr
40-44 years: James Bergen
45-49 years: Bryan Buck
50-54 years: Bill Ireland
55-59 years: James Hardie
60-64 years: Hubie Kerns
75-79 years: Bill Cooke

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