Special Olympians Already Targeting Marathon In 2011

Special Olympians Already Targeting Marathon In 2011

In July 2011, the Special Olympics will hold an open water swimming demonstration event at its 2011 World Summer Games.

This exciting development in the world of open water swimming – which truly demonstrates the expanding reach and scope of the sport – will be a 1.5K sea swim, held parallel to the shoreline.

The race will be held in the 25° (77°F) waters off the Sailing Academy in the City of Marathon, Greece. To qualify, the athletes must meet the time standard of one hour in the 1500-meter pool freestyle and will also be required to participate in the 800-meter freestyle in the pool competition.

Already athletes from Singapore, South Africa, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Greece, U.S., China, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands have expressed their interest and intentions to race in the beautiful seaside course in Marathon.

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