Spectacular Swims In Santa Barbara

Spectacular Swims In Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association enjoyed (weathered) an unusually harsh, cold, windy and bumpy summer season, but those conditions did not prevent three hardy swimmers from successfully completing their solo marathon swims from Anacapa Island to the mainland in Ventura, California. In August, Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association board member Dave Van Mouwerik kicked off the season.

Dave finished his swim in exactly 7 hours. Dave was followed by Kim Rutherford who did a 8:18 crossing in September. Dr. Joni Young (shown below) on her third attempt where she completed her swim in 6 hours 36 minutes and 31 seconds for the fastest time of 2010.

History repeated itself (of sorts). Kim had marathon swimming pioneers Cindy Cleveland and Suzanne Riedinger on her support crew. Cindy and Suzanne had swims off of Anacapa Island in 1979 and 1990 respectively.

President Scott Zornig reports that there have been 19 successful solo swims from Anacapa Island (12.5 miles), 1 solo swim from San Miguel Island (26 miles), 1 solo swim from Santa Rosa Island (26 miles), 1 successful relay swim from San Clemente Island (66 miles), 1 solo and 2 relay swims from Santa Barbara Island (30 miles), 7 solo and 11 relay swims off of Santa Cruz Island (20 miles), zero known swims from San Nicholas Island (60 miles) and 3 inter-island swims.

The Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association represents 7 of the 8 Channel Islands in Southern California [minus Catalina Island]. There are many islands and distances to chose from. There are even some virgin swims for those who desire to be be the first to navigate a body of water. If you have an interest in swimming with us next year, please take advantage of our early bird discount by registering before May 1st. You can always change the date and location of your swim, you just need to register before this date to pay the lower fees.”

We would be remiss if we did not mention Captain Bob Andrieux of the Tuna Thumper. Captain Bob successfully piloted all 3 of this years successful swims across the channel. In fact, Captain Bob has never had a swimmer enter the water and not finish the swim…a truly remarkable feat.”

The cooperation shown between the Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association and the Catalina Channel Swim Federation is also important to report since the older Federation is helping to mentor the younger Association. The Catalina Channel Swim Federation provided CPR and Observer training for the Santa Barbara observers this spring and the excellent relationship helps furthe the sport and maintain the high degree of safety expected and established by each organization.

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