Speedos Or Board Shorts?  Swimmers vs. American Men

Speedos Or Board Shorts? Swimmers vs. American Men

Marilyn Morgan has swum all her life. Swimming is her passion and subject of her blog Consuming Cultures.

She has an eye for how swimsuits has changed over the generations – from wool cover-ups to tight-fitting Speedos – and a writing talent to explain trends and shifts in styles based on the moral attitudes and fashion of the times.

An archivist at Harvard University, she has begun a well-researched series of articles about the history of the swimsuit:

“…One sweltering July day in 1940, a group of young swimmers in South Boston staggered out of the surf. While lounging on the beach some lowered the swimsuit straps from their shoulders, rolling their tops to their waistlines to bask in sunshine.

Police promptly arrested them for indecent exposure
…[read more here]…”

Photo is a PR photo of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer Johnny Weissmullter circa 1935 with actor George O’Brien from Brian’s Drive-in Theater, wearing swimwear not favored by a vast majority of American men on America’s beaches in contemporary times.

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