The Spirit Of Anna Wardley Shared With Others

The Spirit Of Anna Wardley Shared With Others

Anna Wardley appeared on the popular BBC television show Total Wipeout.

Anna filmed her episode in Argentina after going through a grueling audition where she was one of 160 – out of 65,000 wanna-be television stars – to be selected.

I’m running a virtual fundraiser for Turning the Tide so that my three charities can benefit from my prime time humiliation on television. The fundraiser is in the form of a sweepstake with the lucky winner receiving an item of ‘money can’t buy’ memorabilia from the Total Wipeout course, a jar of mud from the sucker punch pit on the Total Wipeout course. Mike Shepherd from Gosport (UK) came closest with a guess of 5 minutes 11 seconds just 4 seconds off my actual time of 5 minutes 15 seconds.”

People can make a donation (minimum £2) via the Paypal link on the donate page at The support is for Sail Africa, the Samaritans and Toe in the Water. Every pound makes a difference. I have raised over £30,000 to date, including £12,000 for Sail Africa, a Durban-based charity which improves the life chances of the city’s disadvantaged young people through sailing. During my recent trip to South Africa to swim the Midmar Mile, Sail Africa named their new 34-foot boat, The Spirit of Anna Wardley. It feels very surreal to see my name on the side of the boat – especially given my background as a swimmer.”

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