Spirit Orcas Complete A 21 km Marathon Swim

Spirit Orcas Complete A 21 km Marathon Swim

Susan Simmons reported that Aly White (nickname Flipper) and Drew Sabourin (Drewsie) of the Spirit Orcas completed a 21 km marathon swim today in Thetis Lake, outside Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

She said, “It was quite something to see and be part of. I could tell they were so tired at the end, but they did it – they swam the full 21 km. It was a very gentle lake.

The swim was a fundraiser for a local charity – CFAX Santas Anonymous. Last year, they each swam 10 km. They upped their game this year. We did 21 dips in 21 days ending with a final 21 km dip.

The water was 15- 16°C. So great Drew made it without becoming hypothermic – 8 and a half hours.

CFAX Santas Anonymous Society is one of Greater Victoria’s longest running children’s charities, working diligently to serve families with children in need. For more information, visit here.

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