Spirit Orcas On Their Way Across Lake Cowichan

Spirit Orcas On Their Way Across Lake Cowichan

Susan Simmons reported on the latest open water swimming exploits of the Spirit Orcas in their native Canada, “I am so proud of J-pod Spirit Orcas Aly White, Ben Vanlierop, and Drew Sabourin. It has been a long difficult summer with many twists and turns. All the while, they have remained steadfast and devoted to their swimming.

This morning they will wake up as early as 4:30 am to head up to Lake Cowichan and swim the 30 km length of the lake in preparation for their eventual English Channel crossing in a few years. Originally schedule to swim the Strait of Georgia, one of those twists got us and we had to turn. Thankfully, my very good friend and one of my most trusted crew members on many of my swims, Matt Piechnik stepped up to the plate and volunteered to take them on a 12-14 hours swim in his community lake.

Without the help of people like Matt, these swims would not be possible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to him.”

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