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Taking KAATSU To The Extreme

Steven Munatones and Lura Wilhelm both won the coveted SCAR Buckle for being the fastest male and female swimmers at the famed SCAR Swim in Arizona. Munatones had the advantage of using KAATSU throughout his training and 4-day stage race series in the Sonoran Desert.

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The Next Evolution of Swim Goggles

What running shoes are to runners, swim goggles are to swimmers. Goggles are literally the lens by which swimmers engage with their aquatic world. Goggles are the most important swim accessory because they can make or break your entire swim experience. Open water, pool swimmers and triathletes have an endless array of options to choose from. From the

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How To Choose The Right Swim Cap

Swim caps used to be just two pieces of silicone or latex fused together (2mm thin), shaped like a bowling ball and one-size-fits-all. But technological advances in the material and construction have made swim caps way more functional. Here we recommend 5 factors for choosing the right swim cap for you:

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