The Sport Of Triathlons Presents Itself Extraordinarily Well

The Sport Of Triathlons Presents Itself Extraordinarily Well

From the perspective of the open water swimming world, a look at triathlons gives strong visual hints that its organizers have obviously know their sport inside and out. Their experience, knowledge and passion enables the event organizers to market the sport extremely effectively to their audience, athletes and consumers.

There are lessons to be learned.

Pro, amateur, large and small triathlons generally have well-organized check-in areas capable of handling hundreds or thousands of people, lots of colorful signage, festive expo areas, pulsating music, knowledgeable and entertaining announcers, an energetic ambiance buoyed by seriously-minded athletes surrounded by cheerful and respectful crowds. The races themselves are reported live by GPS technology, cameras, tweets and Facebook to a global audience of online enthusiasts.

The sport of open water swimming can learn different marketing angles from these professional organizers who are drawing more and more corporate support and benefactors even in the case of a slumping global economy.

The Ironman World Championship, that was held yesterday in Kona, Hawaii, is the ultimate showcase of the sport. From the athletes of all ages who come from around the world to the magnificent professionals who win the grueling event, the Ironman is a global phenomena.

Fans can not only watch the tactical race among the leaders, but also each one of the competitors as the technology allows drilling down to the individual level. The Ironman has effectively packaged a sporting event that stretches hundreds of kilometers from an offshore swim leg to the far reaches of sparsely populated lava fields. Their presentation of the endurance event enables friends, family and fans around the world to enjoy the athletic spectacle on their own television, computer and mobile device at their convenience.

A marketer’s dream. A fan’s joy. An endurance contest where the individual athlete is supported, celebrated and showcased.

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Steven Munatones