Spyros Shines With MED WAVE Swim Adventure

Spyros Shines With MED WAVE Swim Adventure

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

MED WAVE Swim Adventure is a swim holiday company offering its services in Greece founded and managed by Spyros Rois, a Greek open water swimmer and physical education teacher.

Veteran American marathon swimmer Lori King said, “I had the pleasure of swimming with Spyros Rois and meeting his lovely partner Katerina in Greece this past September. Spyros offers an array of water adventures through his company Med Wave Swim. What I love about open water swimming is the connection that is made and the bonds that are forged between those who have a shared passion and spirit for the water.

Med Wave Swim Adventure offers true Greek swim and triathlon adventures accompanied by top-notch hospitality

For more information on MED WAVE Swim Adventure, visit here or its Facebook page here.

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