Sri Chinmoy In The Open Water

Sri Chinmoy In The Open Water

EPA photographed a statue of Indian spiritual leader and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Sri Chinmoy in the flooded Vltava river in central Prague, Czech Republic.

He is the namesake of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team that holds many athletic events worldwide including the International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen. His students have completed extraordinary feats of endurance including members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team who have swum the English Channel over forty times.

With the terrible floods plaguing Central Europe, it is as if Sri Chinmoy is praying for all those affected by the flood waters.

English Channel swimmer Vasanti Niemz explains another perspective, “In India or Indian philsophy, water signifies the vastness of consiousness. Sri Chinmoy`s name actually means “full of infinite consiousness”. The spiritual goal is the limited little drop becoming one and merging with the infinite ocean of consciousness, transcending the ego or limited consiousness. This is probably underlying also the fascination of many of us with swimming in the open water for extended periods of time, merging into this infinitude...”

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