Stand Up Fast, Get A Good Foot Plant, Sprint To Finish

Courtesy of Lexie Kelly, Sanlam Cape Mile, South Africa.

Chad Ho returned to his familiar position on top of the awards podium at th 2017 Sanlam Cape Mile at South Africa’s Eikenhof Dam.

Going stroke-for-stroke with American rival Chip Peterson, Ho just stood up one stroke before the taller Peterson, got an excellent foot plant on the lake floor, started sprinting, and powered through the finish to win.

The two former world champions (Ho in the 5 km and Peterson in the 10 km) swam neck-and-neck the entire mile. “Third time’s the charm,” said Ho who was runner-up to either Danie Marais or Myles Brown over the previous two years at the Sanlam Cape Mile. “I really wanted to have a good race and impress today. I knew that it would be fast. I just kept an eye out and stuck with Chip. I am over the moon with the victory. The Sanlam Cape Mile is an awesome event. I will definitely be back next year.”

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Steven Munatones