Star Burns Brightly To Make It Safe4Athletes

Star Burns Brightly To Make It Safe4Athletes

Star Burns Brightly To Make It Safe4Athletes

Katherine Star is hosting a SAFE4ATHLETES cocktail party fundraiser at the home of Richard Riordan, the former Mayor of Los Angeles, on June 26th.

Star explains the reason for the fundraiser, “For too many years, male and female athletes who have been abused by their coaches – physically, emotionally and sexually – and have had no champions to address their cause. Yet, every parent wants their children’s sport experience to be a safe and rewarding one.

Our mission is Advocate for Athlete Welfare where every athlete is provided a safe and positive environment free of sexual abuse, bullying and harassment.”

Star provided some shocking facts about the history of abuse in America:

– 159 coaches have been fired or reprimanded for sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to rape.
– Nearly all were male coaches victimizing girls.
– At least 98 of these coaches continued to coach or teach.
– 82 coaches have been banned from USA Gymnastics and 46 banned from USA Swimming.

Star established SAFE4ATHLETES, an independent group committed to changing the paradigm of abuse. Several Olympians including Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Gabe Gardner, Ann Drysdale, Cliff Meidl, Dr. Sammy Lee, Pat McCormick and Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. will attendance the June 26th fundraiser.

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