Starkly Courageous Across Bear Lake

Starkly Courageous Across Bear Lake

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chad Starks became the sixth person to swim the 19-mile length of Bear Lake in Utah in the western United States.

One of the handful of individuals who have completed the Utah Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, Starks completed the 30.5 km lengthwise traverse of Bear Lake in 13 hours 9 minutes under the guidance of escort pilot Sue Frehse. “The conditions were ideal until the final mile.

When 20 mph headwinds whipped up and made the last 45 minutes grueling, yet memorable
,” explains observer Gordon Gridley. “Swimming that long in 63°F water at 5,924-feet (1,805m) elevation can be a little chilly for most.”

He describes the high-altitude lake. “Bear Lake could be considered a twin to Lake Tahoe with its crystal clear, blue water, and similarities in shape, size and depth.”

And there may be one more important similarity, especially in light of the Triple Crown of Lake Monster Swims. “Bear Lake is one of many lakes that have a history of reported monster sightings. But of all the swimmers who have raced across the width of Bear Lake, a 7-mile race held in July every year, and those who have swam the length, no sightings from swimmers have been reported.”

Gridley‘s notes of Chad Starks’ Monster Slayer swim as the official Bear Lake Swimming Association observer are posted here.

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