Stars Are Out In Hong Kong For The Cold Half

Stars Are Out In Hong Kong For The Cold Half

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ned Denison is headlining a field of 30 international swimmers at the 15 km Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim that will be held on February 18th.

The charity swim for soloists and 2-person relays on Hong Kong Island from Stanley Main Beach to Deep Water Bay Beach will include two categories: Naturally Ocean (no wetsuit) and Wetsuited & Buoyant.

Race director Doug Woodring describes his event.

For relays, a change of swimmers is mandated at every 30 minutes, or one change only at the 7.5 km point. The cut-off time is 6 hours. This event in only for advanced swimmers with confidence and dare.

A support motorboat is mandatory for the relays. A motorboat or a support paddler is also a must for the 15 km solos

The race also offers an opportunity for YakSwimmers to participate in the YAK paddle/swim category. This category is subject to the race day temperatures and conditions where the two relay swimmers alternate either swimming or escorting while paddling on a paddleboard.

“For those who love swimming in the chill, but mind the extreme distance, we offer a 1.5 km satellite race in Deep Water Bay Beach – The Cold Challenge. This will be the very first winter swimming event of its kind in Hong Kong.

The event supports Ocean Recovery Alliance, a Hong Kong-based ocean conservation and education charity.

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