The Stars Will Be Out In The Fran Crippen SafeSwim

The Stars Will Be Out In The Fran Crippen SafeSwim

The Fran Crippen SafeSwim 1 Mile Dash for Cash and the World Pro 10K Race in Fort Lauderdale on May 7th will bring out the stars.

The stars will include many luminaries from the aquatic world who will be attending the International Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies on May 6th in Florida in addition to several world-class open water swimmers from America, Australia, Canada and a handful of other countries.

In the pro 10K race organized by the International Swimming Hall of Fame, world 25K champion Alex Meyer (shown above) will face off against world 10K silver medalist Andrew Gemmell, former world 10K champion Chip Peterson, fast-charging Olympian Ky Hurst, Australian world championship qualifier Rhys Mainstone, world-class Canadian pro marathon swimmer Richard Weinberger and some fellow top Canadians and top FINA World Cup swimmer and Olympian Sergiy Fesenko of Azerbaijan.

On the female side, world 5K champion Eva Fabian, former NCAA champion-turned-pro marathon swimmer Emily Brunemann and two-time FINA 10K World Cup champion Christine Jennings will undoubtedly go right down to the wire with top swimmers from Australia, Canada and Azerbaijan (Inha Kotsur) pushing the pace right from the start.

In addition to the great competition that will take place in the warm, clear waters of the eastern coast of Florida, Bruce Wigo, CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, describes the greater goal of the event, “As part of the effort to promote water safety, the International Swimming Hall of Fame is introducing the event in celebration of the late, great open water swimmer who passed away last October. Fran’s family and friends in the swim community are eager to commemorate his legacy and teach swimmers the importance of being safe while swimming in the open water.”

Florida Gold Coast Swimming is the sanctioning authority for the race – and they have set a gold standard for swim safety. A representative explains, “We require an Event Plan to be submitted and approved. The event plan consists of sub-plans including, Race Plan, Venue Plan, Course Plan, Safety Plan, Emergency Action Plan, Contingency Plan and Financial Plan. The process ensures that the host comprehensively examines all essential elements of a safe open water race.”

Following the 10K pro race, there will be a free open water swim clinic led by former Olympian Kalyn Keller (shown above), former national open water swimming and lifeguard champion Micha Burden and Alex Meyer.

The stars will certainly be out in Fort Lauderdale on May 7th.

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Steven Munatones