Starting Open Water Training From On High

Starting Open Water Training From On High

Saarbrücken, Germany. Hannes Vitense of Germany is pushing his athletes to reach their potential in a number of ways…all in good fun.

We began 2004 a very big project here in Germany at one of the world’s most modern training centers for swimmers and triathletes in Saarbrücken. The plan has been in the works for many years with the goal of qualifying athletes for the 2012 London Olympics.

The triathlon training base has already achieved many successes including the Olympic gold medalist Jan Frodeno, the 2009 World Championship series bronze medalist Maik Petzold, the 2010 World Championship series silver medalist Steffen Justus and Anja Dittmer, a four-time Olympian. The swimmers need more time, but now we will continue to grow over the next few years

In addition to guiding the triathletes and pool swimmers Sabrina Schäfer and Lucien Haßdenteufel, Hannes enjoys pushing the open water swimmers Andreas Waschburger and Joseph Kleindel to new heights. They have helped propel the Olympic Trainingsbase team at Saarbrücken to the first division in Germany. Besides the fanatical training of the triathletes and pool swimmers, Andreas follows the unorthodox training menu of Hannes (see below).

I asked Andreas to do sky diving at the start of our season, which he enjoys, because I think it helps him if he does some special before the Olympic Games. He never thought that he could do it. In order to make the Olympic Games, athletes must believe in themselves. He became better than expected in his most important races this year (by making the Olympics). I hope we have more fun and success in the next few years. I enjoy my job here at the Olympic trainingsbase – and I think that’s why we are enjoying success..”

Some traditional aerobic, strength and agility training examples:

And some less traditional dryland training (of sorts) with Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km athlete Andreas:

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