Staying Powered Across The Tsugaru Channel

Staying Powered Across The Tsugaru Channel

We gotta like the solar panels that the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association uses on the Tsugaru Channel solo and relays swims in Japan.

With Ocean Navi‘s Masayuki Moriya coordinating land logistics, marine operations and online communications for family and friends of channel swimmers in the Tsugaru Channel in Japan, the amount of time on the escort boats can reach over 20 hours. Batteries run down and communications cease.

With Chris Kraus, Brian Ross, and Rick Gaenzle swimming well from Honshu to Hokkaido on a 3-man relay, their crew remains connected and juiced up with the Goal Zero solar panels powering their video cameras, iPhones, and laptops on Captain Mizushima’s boat.

That little extra natural juice is welcomed, especially as the swimmers get closer and closer to their goal and battery life starts to get shorter and shorter.

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Steven Munatones