Stephen Junk Swims Until The Unexpected

Stephen Junk Swims Until The Unexpected

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Stephen Junk was clocking great time out of Kaluakoi [on Molokai,” reported kayaker Steve Haumschild. “He is a hell of a swimmer. He remained strong and consistent throughout the time. Conditions overall were descent with a few storms rolling through.”

But then the unexpected hit just about the time hopes for a successful completion were running high.

Just around the halfway mark, he began to become very seasick and was not able to swim another stroke. Upon getting on the boat, he vomited multiple times. But we expect him to make another attempt in the future. He seemed to have quite a bit of respect for each channel behind him and in front of him.”

Co-escort Jeff Kozlovich and Haumschild spend equal amounts of time in the water with each swimmer across the Molokai Channel while Kozlovich handles most of the logistics. There will be a tandem swim in August, and other solo attempts in September and October.

For more information on Molokai Channel crossings with the Kaiwi Channel Association, visit here.

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