Stephen Junk Triumphantly Returns To Tsugaru

Stephen Junk Triumphantly Returns To Tsugaru

Stephen Junk heading toward the coast of Hokkaido shown below.

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Stephen Junk took a while, but he finally crossed the Tsugaru Channel in northern Japan off his Oceans Seven list.

Last year, I went to Japan to attempt the Tsugaru Channel swim. But, unfortunately, I got very bad food poisoning from some interesting slug that I ate. This year, I kept away from food that was too adventurous. It played off,” he explained.

On August 19th, Junk set out from the Honshu side of Tsugaru at 3:20 am. “At first, the conditions were great. There was a beautiful sunrise under partly cloudy conditions. I progressed quickly to the halfway mark. Then, as swimmers quickly become aware, a strong current came directly at me. Captain Mizushima [the boat pilot shown below] measured it at 4 kilometers per hour that made swimming quite tiresome. The water temperature dropped to 18°C (64°F) at this stage which was quite refreshing in the hard conditions.”

After 11 hours 2 minutes of hard swimming without slugs, he climbed onshore on Hokkaido by pulling himself up onto rocky coastline. “I was very glad for that hard swim to be over.”

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