Stephen Redmond, The Irish Icon, Jet Setting Around Cannes

Stephen Redmond, The Irish Icon, Jet Setting Around Cannes

MIPCOM provides a glimpse of the future of the world’s entertainment. A four-day jammed-packed, celebrity-strewn get-together in Cannes, France is a mingling of the world’s leading entertainment content providers, directors, producers, and broadcasters.

MIPCOM constantly expands the boundaries of entertainment, where insiders learn, deal, partner and exchange ideas that will come to the public’s attention in short order.

The newest trends, the hottest ideas and the hippest content are presented to powerful executives and the global media … that will soon come to television and online platforms for general audiences around the world.

MIPCOM is a powerful place where the future is shown now.

And Stephen Redmond and his road to Oceans Seven fame were showcased by Red Bull Media House at MIPCOM in Cannes, France this week. Among the world’s most famous celebrities and stars, the Oceans Seven documentary film produced by Wolfgang Merkel and Daniel Strobl of Red Bull Media House was shown. With buzz stirring for a sport that has rarely grabbed the attention of the jet-setting crowd, the Irish icon’s exploits shared the spotlight with individuals who already fill the pages of magazines and the screens of televisions and film around the world.

The World Open Water Swimming Association reviewed the Oceans Seven project and selected the documentary as a nominee for the upcoming WOWSA Awards:

Red Bull Media House captured the essence of the open water swimming world when its documentary film crew traveled to Japan to film Oceans Seven Project, the unprecedented completion of the world’s most difficult open water swimming challenge by Stephen Redmond. Their dramatic film, centered around Redmond’s attempts on the Tsugaru Channel, required 5 men hanging on for their lives in rough seas to film the Irish icon as he was tossed, bruised and battered in the turbulent seas in the North Pacific. Its ability to document and glorify the exploits of athletes in extreme sports, Red Bull has lent its formidable global presence to the open water world where high risk is an inherent element of the sport. For its investment in the sport, for their risk-taking decisions to follow Redmond without any guarantees, for its breath-taking footage in a real-word drama that ended in success, Red Bull’s Oceans Seven Project is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.”

To say that Redmond and the rest of his colleagues in the open water swimming world are on an upward trajectory is certainly an understatement.

The documentary film will be released in 2013.

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