Stepping Up to Restore Sight: Join James Pittar in Fred's Big Run

Stepping Up to Restore Sight: Join James Pittar in Fred’s Big Run

James Pittar’s achievements in the open water swimming world are extraordinary. He’s the first blind swimmer to conquer the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and has been inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. But what sets James apart is his dedication to meaningful causes.

This August, he’s taking on a new challenge: Fred’s Big Run, a fitness and fundraising event to support The Fred Hollows Foundation’s vision-restoring work. The Fred Hollows Foundation is present in over 25 countries and is committed to eliminating avoidable blindness by training medical professionals and performing life-changing surgeries. For over 30 years the foundation has restored sight to over two and a half million people worldwide.

James has raised over $AUS 100,000 in the past for the Fred Hollows Foundation, working towards restoring sight to those in need. His impact extends to teaching disabled children how to swim and mentoring aspiring athletes. James’s autobiography, “Blind Vision,” shares his inspiring journey.

James invites us all to join him in this life-changing mission:

In this month of August, I am involved in Fred’s Big Run. This is where you nominate the number of kilometres of exercise, it does not need to be running and for me it will be mainly swimming, and you also raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation. My aim this year is to do 150 kilometres of exercise in the month of August and raise $15,000 AUS.

It only takes $25 AUS to cure someone’s eyesight in a developing country. I am a blind marathon swimmer and it would be great if I could cure 600 people’s eyesight in the world in the month of August. This year I have set up an easy way for you to get involved in that you can purchase a Virtual Lane for $25 AUS as though you were swimming with me.

If you would like to purchase a Virtual Lane and cure someone’s eyesight somewhere in the world, please go to: Lane of Sight. Thank you for all of your support.

James Pittar

How to Participate
You can be a part of this mission by purchasing a Virtual Lane for $25 AUS, joining James in his goal to cure 600 people’s eyesight. It’s a small contribution with a significant impact.

Visit Fred’s Big Run – Lane of Sight to participate.