Steve Dalke, Mr. Natural From Shore To Shore

Courtesy of Lynn Kubasek, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, California.

Steven Dalke crossed the Santa Barbara Channel from Anacapa Island to Silverstrand on the California mainland in 7 hours 7 minutes.

What made his crossing unique was how natural he did it. “Usually I see swimmers glopped from head to toes in protective goop,” said long-time observer Lynn Kubasek. “Mr. Natural caught my attention. I wonder how he does it?

Kubasek often sees a range of choices for skin lubrication and sunscreen. “It can vary from the full-body Desitin look of Jaimie Monahan to lanolin or Vaseline with Sea & Ski.

But this Saturday, I saw something totally unique…Steve “my body is a temple” Dalke did not use any lube or sunscreen. He emerged from the water after his Anacapa swim looking totally fine – no sunburn or chafing at all. His wife confirmed he never uses lotions or creams

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