Stève Stievenart Achieves The Double Triple Crown

Stève Stievenart Achieves The Double Triple Crown

Stève Stievenart, 45-year-old Frenchman from Wimereux, completed a 28 hour 45 minute 48 second two-way crossing of the Catalina Channel today to complete the Double Triple Crown (a two-way English Channel crossing, a two-way Catalina Channel crossing, and 20 Bridges double circumnavigation swim).

Stievenart became the first man to complete the Double Triple Crown after Courtney Moates Paulk became the first person in August 2021. He was the 13th person in history to complete a two-way Catalina Channel crossing [see list below].

What was most incredible – and quite possibly a record in the annals of channel swimming – is that Stievenart completed his double crossing in a very fast negative split. His first leg from the California mainland to Catalina Island was completed in 15 hours 51 minutes 1 second, but his second leg from Catalina Island back to the mainland was completed in 12 hours 54 minutes 47 seconds – nearly 3 hours faster, which is believed to be an unprecedented time difference between the first and second legs of a major channel double crossing.

Along the way, Stievenart, whose nickname is Seal, encountered pods of breaching dolphin, a pair of sunfish, and a single jellyfish sting. His stroke count never faltered, although he hit some turbulent waters for hours. But he was ecstatic at the finish on the shores of Smuggler’s Cove on the Palos Verdes Peninsula [shown above and below].

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Stievenart with his escort kayakers Patricio Libenson, Dan Simonelli, and Barb Schumacher.

Two-way Catalina Channel Crossings in History

  1. Greta Anderson 26 hours 53 minutes in 1958
  2. Penny Dean 20 hours 3 minutes in 1977
  3. Cindy Cleveland 23 hours 30 minutes in 1977
  4. Dan Slosberg 19 hours 32 minutes in 1978
  5. John York 16 hours 42 minutes in 1978
  6. Tina Neill 22 hours 2 minutes in 2008
  7. Forrest Nelson 23 hours 1 minute in 2010
  8. Jason Betley 28 hours 6 minutes in 2015
  9. Courtney Moates Paulk 33 hours 13 minutes in 2017
  10. Graco Morlan 25 hours 37 minutes in 2019
  11. Antonio Argüelles 24 hours 17 minutes in 2019
  12. Joe Zemaitis 24 hours 28 minutes in 2021
  13. Stève Stievenart 28 hours 45 minutes in 2022

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