Steve Sutton's Pool: Zuma Beach

Steve Sutton’s Pool: Zuma Beach

Steve Sutton is an experienced marathon swimmer from Agoura Hills, California. He trains frequently in Zuma Beach in Malibu, California with his son Ryland serving as his escort kayaker. Together, they have explored much of the coastline, dotted with plenty of surfers and relatively few ocean swimmers.

Over the weekend, Sutton invited Steven Munatones to join him on a training swim before the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona. It was a cool, foggy morning when Sutton, Ryland and Munatones jumped in the 14°C (58°F) water for their 2-hour coastal swim. They first headed westward to a nearby promontory, Point Dume where a cool upwelling of water greeted them. They turned around and then headed back to their start.

Along the way, Ryland saw a pod of dolphins swim under his kayak and both Steve’s – and three spouting whales off in the distance – in addition to giant crabs scooting along the ocean floor.

Munatones said, “I was extremely impressed with Steve and Ryland. They were so prepared and so knowledgeable. They came outfitted with everything imaginable in their car: a kayak, tow floats, goggles, swim caps, blankets, towels, sleeping bags, plastic cable ties, carabiners galore, ropes, flashlights, chem lights, warm water to wash off their feet, water to drink, snacks from granola to nuts, two types of kayak seats. And more. More importantly, they seemed to know every part of that coast – where Steve swims frequently.

Even though it was quite foggy and I had no idea where I was swimming, I was very comfortable and very relaxed swimming next to Ryland in his kayak. The father-and-son team are so passionate about swimming in the ocean; it was a true pleasure to join them on that cool and foggy day.

Sutton described the beach, “The varied conditions and coastal terrain offered from Point Dume to Trancas to Broad Beach make for an excellent training pond. You never know what sets Coach Mother Ocean has lined up for you!

The video above was taken from Surfline\Wavetrak provides those who work, play, and train in the ocean with advanced tools and immersive content with webcams.

I could hear the whistles of the dolphins, although I wasn’t able to see them,” said Munatones.

For more information on Sutton and his transformation back to a waterman, read here.

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