Steven Minaglia, Marek Lehocky Complete 206 km Circumnavigation Swim Around Oahu

Steven Minaglia, Marek Lehocky Complete 206 km Circumnavigation Swim Around Oahu

Dr. Steven Minaglia, a urogynecologist from Oahu, and Marek Lehocky completed their 206.43 km (128.27-mile) non-continuous stage swim, a clockwise circumnavigation swim around the island of Oahu on November 6th.

Two days after their completion of the unprecedented 24-stage swim on the foot of the Diamond Head volcano, Dr. Minaglia had rotator cuff surgery on November 8th.

After starting in March, the swim took nearly 8 months of balancing work, family, and other obligations to finish the swim around entire island of Oahu.  Dr. Minaglia described their tandem adventure, “Our swims exclusively were scheduled around work and travel schedules.

Just Marek and I swam.  We carried gels and drink bags for nutrition and hydration in our suits.  We have not been fed by any crew.  We always started the next swim either at the prior finish line or even before it.  We videod ourselves on the start beach and the finish beach and have some shots from the water.  We had lifeguards on a jet ski for the swim around Kaena Point [see photo above] and a friend on a kayak observing for 3 other swims.  Both Marek and I have two independent GPS watch data sets for all the swims.  This data shows the course, distance, our heart rates, our pace, etc.  I used an Apple Watch initially and later used a Garmin.  Marek used an Apple Watch.

There were often witnesses along the way – people who see us land or start, people who drop our car at the finish and drive us to the start, the lifeguards, and the kayaker.  We have used no gear except I wore a pink swim buoy for the portion of the swim where we swam past Pearl Harbor and Barber’s Point Harbor.”

To navigate all the surf, reefs, geographic features, and marine life around the island of Oahu is remarkable. Their achievement is remarkable and is a credit to Steven and Marek’s patience, planning, and passion for ocean swimming.

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