Sting Stopper Does The Trick For Diana Nyad

Sting Stopper Does The Trick For Diana Nyad

In our opinion, one of the greatest products developed for the open water swimming market proved its value during Diana Nyad‘s 52-hour solo swim from Cuba to Florida.

Nyad and her support team religiously applied the Sting Stopper skin ointment all over her exposed skin to protect against the dreaded box jellyfish.

The Sting Stopper was quietly developed by renowned jellyfish expert Dr. Angel Yanagihara, specifically for her crossing of the Straits of Florida.

But its implications and applications are extensive.

While Nyad deservedly impressed the world’s media of her exploit, we were ecstatic to see the Sting Stopper work its protective magic against the dreaded box jellyfish in real-world conditions for so long.

The venom made by the box jellyfish is off-the-chart painful, but the green-colored ointment with the consistency of slightly warmed lanolin developed by Dr. Yanagihara in her laboratory in Hawaii worked as advertised. The formulation is clearly, in our opinion, one of the greatest advances to benefit the open water swimming market since GPS in the latter part of the 20th century and inexpensive goggles with plastic lenses a few generations before.

Not only is the Sting Stopper potentially useful for open water swimmers, but also for ocean-goers everything. We tried it before and will most definitely be one of the first customers to purchase it after it becomes commercially available.

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Steven Munatones