Stingers Return To Gulf Coast

Stingers Return To Gulf Coast

Riding the wind and ocean currents, millions of venomous ocean wanderers with a sail of a neon-blue gas bag and a reach of up to 10 meters are invading the southern and eastern coasts of America.

Open water swimmers and beach-goers get entangled in poisonous tentacles and experience painful stings from North and South Carolina and Florida to the Gulf coastal beaches to Texas. The Portuguese man o war is arriving in its annual, painful ritual.

Recent reports from Florida to Alabama tell about thousands of Atlantic Portuguese man o war arriving along the Gulf coast of Texas driven onshore by southeasterly winds and the Gulf Stream. Their painful, powerful sting can cause fever, shock, and interference with heart and lung action.

Ocean Care Solutions Man o War kit is designed to provide pain relief through its use of acetic acid and heat combination. CEO Kevin Freeman explains, “The use of acetic acid on the Man o War injury is not without controversy and differing opinions. We have seen very good results but acknowledge applying acetic acid can intensify the stinging pain in some cases. But we believe this to be compared to pouring alcohol on an open wound. It stings but, in the end, the results are effective first aid. I suppose the difference is in individual pain tolerance but we believe the application of heat and acetic acid delivers the best results.”

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