Stinging Sensations While Swimming In The Open Water

Stinging Sensations While Swimming In The Open Water

They sting. They hurt. They can cause a swim to be stopped or to be slowed. Jellyfish. Portuguese Man-o-War. Their scars leave reminders of the hazards of open water swimming.

Send your jellyfish sting photos via email to The Daily News of Open Water Swimming. Explain where and when you were stung, the level of pain or discomfort you felt and what you did to alleviate the pain (if any). These photos are from Portuguese Man-o-War in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and from the Hawaiian Islands.

Wrap-around stings that had to hurt.

A medusa from the Mediterranean Sea. Nino Fazio recalled, “Instead of really burning, but it felt like being hitten by a wooden cane or a row. Had to take 4 mg of Bentelan (Betametasone) and even a strong painkiller and almost couldn’t sleep at night. The next day, I even had to declare the medicine intake to the jury of a 5km race, to avoid dope-test issues. It gave me the chance to take a few funny photos, nonetheless.”

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Steven Munatones