Stoked To Go Out As Grey Liston Did

Stoked To Go Out As Grey Liston Did

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

135 people registered for the Grey Liston Memorial Pier to Pier Swim in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina over the weekend.

David Sokolofsky, Head Coach of Waves of Wilmington, said the race went quite well. “The race was held north to south from the Johnnie Mercer’s Pier to Crystal Pier. The Grey Liston Memorial Swim was the first race in the new Coastal Carolina Swim Series.

The series is presented by Toad Hollow Athletics and includes the following events

1. Stoked to Go Out! Grey Liston Memorial Swim – May 17th on Wrightsville Beach
2. 2nd Annual Set Up Celebration Time Trial – June 7th in Banks Channel
3. SWIM CB – August 30th on Carolina Beach
4. Pier 2 Pier Swim – September 14th on Wrightsville Beach
5. SWIM WB – September 28th in Banks Channel

The 2-mile ocean swim in 70ºF water was named for Grey Liston, a native of North Carolina and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He was a 4-year member of the swim team and the Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Team.

His parents, Rick and Gail Liston, together with the swim coach Dave Allen, created the Grey Liston Scholarship for a well-deserving member of the university swimming and diving team. “Grey excelled at climbing, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, and surfing, and never missed an opportunity to get out there. One of his favorite events was the open water swim,” recalls race director Sokolofsky. “He also loved Wrightsville Beach and the close fraternity of the men and women who perform the daunting task of ocean rescue. He would have encouraged each of us to get out there, to participate, and to truly live.”

Sean Ruttkay won overall in 35:09 while Dani Stein won the women’s division and placed fifth overall in 37:15.

Men’s Top 10 Results:
1. Sean Ruttkay 35:09
2. Jimbo Short 36:13
3. Matthew Wisthoff 36:18
4. Mike Orton 37:06
5. Chris Martin 37:20
6. Rick Graves 37:49
7. William Dove 37:58
8. Joe Houchin 37:59
9. Jay Carmine 38:06
10. Todd Pletcher 39:09

Women’s Top 10 Results:
1. Dani Stein 37:15
2. Sammy Stone 37:24
3. Kathryn Sanders 37:31
4. Alicia Uhl 37:32
5. Jennifer Perrottet 40:21
6. Alayna Ryan 41:48
7. Rachel Keith 41:55
8. Sydney Willis 42:03
9. Kathryn Yarbrough 42:25
10. Kathleen Marrese 42:28

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