Storch Is Not One To Skip Out In Helping His Neighbors

Storch Is Not One To Skip Out In Helping His Neighbors

Like a chess player, Skip Storch was thinking several steps ahead during Hurricane Sandy that devastated the Eastern Seaboard of the United States last week.

Towards the end of the hurricane, I went out to get gasoline and filled up my truck,” said the marathon swimmer. “I knew we were hard hit and people were going to be hurting. I went knocking on the doors of people in my neighborhood and organizing food, water and clothes. There were a lot of people hurting.”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Storch went into overdrive as he organized brigades of volunteers reaching out to help their fellow citizens and neighbors.

The needs of people during a catastrophic disaster change and evolve quickly. Food, water, basic utilities, injuries and the emotional shock of the devastation are all basic needs that must be met. These needs evolve as fast as our survival mechanisms during a marathon swim when you are faced with cold, nightfall, jellyfish, tides, currents, waves and the unexpected.”

Yesterday, in Nyack-on-Hudson, New York, Storch addressed a multitude of homeless individuals and families in front of the village hall. He spoke on how to survive and save lives based on his own experiences. “I explained my thoughts and feelings of what its like to lose a home and business from a hurricane – and what people can do to get back on their feet with the help of their families, friends, neighbors and government authorities.”

On election day in the United States, Storch continues to work hard helping out and utilizing the available resources to aid his community as a cold-weather Nor’easter is scheduled to roll in and cause even more havoc.

An Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Storch is showing his fellow citizens how much of a hero he really is.

To contact Storch to volunteer or to provide hats or gloves, send emails to

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