Strait Mariposa, Forging A New Way To Africa

Strait Mariposa, Forging A New Way To Africa

Over the thousands of years of recorded human history, mankind has traveled from Europe to Africa in multiple ways and with all kinds of forms of transportation.

But no one has traversed from Europe to Africa via the Strait of Gibraltar doing butterfly. On Sunday September 8th, Héctor Ramírez Ballesteros escorted by his Nadandolibre teammates will launch himself from Spain doing butterfly until he reaches the shores of Morocco.

The unprecedented butterfly (mariposa in Spanish) challenge also serves as a charity swim for +Solidario y la Fundación Ananta and the Proyecto de Conservación de los Océanos.

Coached by Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre, Héctor has intelligently built up to this attempt. He has trained properly and hardened himself as only butterfly-going open water swimmers can. What is impressive is his stroke turnover and ability to avoid swallowing water in rough water.

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Steven Munatones