Streaming Along A Marathon Swim

Streaming Along A Marathon Swim

Streaming Along Marathon Swims

Courtesy of WOWSA, Straits of Florida, Caribbean Sea.

One of the innovations that Diana Nyad used during her long (24+ hour swims) was the swimmer’s streamer. It is a piece of cloth (for the daytime hours) or illuminated material (for the nighttime hours) that runs parallel alongside the boat.

The navigational aid is hoisted from the escort boat and anchored in the water so the cloth or material runs 1-3 meters underneath the surface of the water. This allowed her to look straight down in the water at the streamer on every stroke in order swim straight (i.e., parallel to the escort boat). She conserved energy and improved her navigational course by not constantly looking up at the boat, especially during the night.

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Photo courtesy of Christi Barli.

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