Streams Of Plastic By Gary Bencheghib & Ocean Recovery Alliance

Courtesy of Streams of Plastic directed by Gary Bencheghib with production from Doug Woodring, Jon Slayer and Executive Production by Charlotte Vick.

Streams of Plastic is a short film about the impact and rivers have on the quality of the water in the ocean and what humans can do about it.

Co-producer Doug Woodring explains, “Rivers and creeks are like arteries that flow to our heart, the ocean. Plastic pollution is like cholesterol trying to get to the heart, downstream.

Join us for a journey to Central America and Southeast Asia where groups are helping to stop the flow of the community’s cholesterol – plastic pollution, before it impacts those further downstream, or once at sea and along our coastlines and reefs. Everyone in any watershed community or coastline can use the power of the Global Alert app/platform to help inspire cleanups and long term solutions to slow the flow of trash in their waters.”

Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance also joined David Biello, Science Curator @TED Talks, Marcus Eriksen, Director of Research of the 5 Gyres Institute) and Karen Raubenheimer of the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at the recent The Ocean Conference held at the United Nations between June 5th-9th at a panel discussion called ‘How do we tackle plastic marine pollution?’

Listen here.

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