Strive Swim Helps Coach More Efficiently And Effectively

Strive Swim Helps Coach More Efficiently And Effectively

Courtesy of Strive Swim, Santa Monica Beach, California.

Bridger Bell, a long-time competitive swimmer and age group coach at Team Santa Monica, has created Strive Swim, a simple, intelligent swim practice development tool that has 2+ million practices written on its online/mobile platform.

Strive offers infinitely many personalized practices for individual swimmers who train on their own, created new on-the-spot by Strive’s artificial intelligence algorithm, acting as a virtual coach, and tracks your progress over time with detailed key metrics,” explains coach Bell.

Strive Swim’s key advantages include its ability to provide appropriate intervals for different swimmers in the same workout, offer auto speed group adjustment, automatically create sprint and middle-distance versions of fundamental sets, and automatically suggest practices if a coach is pressed for time at the beginner level, for masters swimmers, or among elite competitive swimmers.

If I’m stuck in a writer’s block, Strive’s software can suggest variations that inspire an idea, that’s useful. It can automatically make three different versions of sets for lower levels, that’s useful,” commented Olympic open water swimming coach Dave Kelsheimer.

Strive is a tool that saves coaches an unrenewable resource: time,” said Doug Fonder, President of the International Swim Coaches Association.

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