Sub 3 Squared Club Remains Virgin Territory

Sub 3 Squared Club Remains Virgin Territory

Five endurance athletes tried to join the Sub 3 Squared Club, but the most difficult conditions possible in Hong Kong’s Cold Standard did not help.

With the water hovering around 16ºC (60.8ºF) under overcast skies, conditions were not conducive to joining the Sub 3 Squared Club where athletes must complete both a marathon swim (of 42 km) and a marathon swim of 10 km under 3 hours.

There are five amazing athletes who competed in the 10 km race at the Cold Standard and have a full marathon run in tomorrow’s Standard Chartered Marathon on the streets of Hong Kong: Chris Molnar, Alexandre Reinert, Chad Bishop, Henry Wright and Tobias Frenz,” explains race director Doug Woodring.

But none of the swimmers cracked the 3-hour mark for their first leg of the Sub 3 Squared Club in the tough conditions that offered plenty of wind, waves and an unfamiliar cold. “The Cold Half certainly lived up to its name,” said Woodring.

The quintet certainly gave it their best shot on Day One, but there will be future attempts by many others,” predicted Steven Munatones. “Triathletes and endurance athletes around the world have said the Sub 3 Squared Club is not a difficult achievement, but we have yet to see an athlete complete both a certified 10 km marathon swim and a 42 km marathon run under 3 hours on the same day, on the same weekend, over a one-week period or even the same month or year. It may be more difficult that both swimmers and runners currently believe. But it is certainly an achievement that hundreds will achieve over time.”

Top 3 results for the Cold Standard (10 km swim) with the Marathon run tomorrow:
1. Henry Wright – 3:20:52
2. Chad Bishop
3. Alex Reinert

Photos show action at the Cold Half run concurrently with the 10 km Cold Standard marathon swim that was held the day before the Standard Chartered Marathon run.

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