Succeeding In Triathlon Without A Swimming Background

Succeeding In Triathlon Without A Swimming Background

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Primal Endurance and Breakthrough Triathlon Training author Brad Kearns was interviewed by Kevin Koskella for 50 minutes by on the Global Swimming Summit that is produced by Chris Ritter of Ritter Sports Performance.

He spoke about the nuances of swimming from the perspective of triathletes and masters swimmers that can positively or negatively affect performance. “In multi-sport, a flawed mindset leads to fears and insecurities about swimming. These individuals occasionally harbor self-limiting beliefs. They become passive and insecure because their mindset is not empowering…

They really do not enjoy [the swim]. Adopt a positive outlook about swimming. There are all kinds of things to enjoy [about swimming in the open water]

The former professional triathlete recommended that triathletes should think about their swims separately from the triathlon. “Make the swim its own race.”

The Global Swimming Summit interviews a number of endurance sports experts during its free online webcasts that began October 25th.

If you have questions about open water swimming, the summit is completely online so you can watch anywhere with an Internet connection. Register by entering your email at Global Swimming Summit and you’ll be alerted to all of the Global Swimming Summit presentations,” says Ritter.

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