Success Across Swim Across America

Courtesy of Rob Butcher, Swim Across America.

Swim Across America has always been the leader of fundraising innovation in the open water swimming community. 2016 was no different as its scope and touch in the swimming and charitable giving communities continues to grow, a precursor to what will come in 2017.

Swim Across America announced its highlights across its events:

* Swim Across America Atlanta saw the largest annual participant increase from 214 to 511 swimmers
* Swim Across America Boston organized the largest pool swim at Harvard with 230 swimmers who generated US$75,175
* Swim Across America Long Island organized the greatest amount of funds for pool swim in Chappaqua when 92 participants raised US$85,647
* Swim Across America Nassau—Suffolk had 14 pool swims 14 in total with 536 swimmers who generated US$285,189
* Swim Across America Seattle had 411 participants who raised US$541,883 nearly doubling the US$284,962 raised in 2015
* Swim Across America’s event raised a total of US$6,458,404 in 2016 including the following events:

* Atlanta with US$408,770
* Baltimore with US$612,149
* Boston with US$296,243
* Chicago with US$320,421
* Dallas with US$287,375
* Greenwich—Stamford with US$443,849
* Long Island with US$985,241
* NNantucket with US$342,371
* Nassau—Suffolk with US$671,847
* Rhode Island with US$164,870
* San Francisco with US$641,844
* Seattle with US$541,883
* St. Louis with US$67,066*
* Tampa with US$227,134
* National with US$447,334

Most importantly, Swim Across America CEO & President Rob Butcher explained, “Our swims awarded US$4,546,922 or 70.4% of total revenue in 2016 to our beneficiaries.

In addition, Jean Fufidio, the Global Brand Director for Coopertone, joined the Swim Across America Board of Directors after supporting Swim Across America Long Island for 20 years leading the New York Athletic Club pool swim and Long Island Sound swim’s public relations.”

Swim Across America introduced its new website [see here] where non-profit industry watchdogs BBB Giving Alliance and GuideStar confirm its high levels of accountability and transparency of its charitable processes and procedures.

There are thousands of nonprofits fundraising in the cancer space,” explains Butcher. “Our digital objective is to clearly communicate that makes Swim Across America special; why should people care about the Swim Across America mission, why should they want to swim with us and why should donors want to give. We want to achieve this objective while making the Swim Across America web experience easy to use.”

One of the opportunities that the Swim Across America team has created for open water swimmers is to raise money while doing their dream swim. Swimmers have raised money on English Channel crossings and solo swims in Massachusetts. “We’ve received requests for other bucket list destination swims. With our Director of Events Megan Melgaard on board, we are going to open up more opportunities for those who want a swim experience and will fundraise for Swim Across America. An example is the Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands where we register a Swim Across America team of 10 and set a fundraising requirement. Lives are being saved and families are being given hope because of swimmers’ dedication to our cause.

Registration for 2017 Swim Across America events opens January 16th; see

* Swim Across America welcomed its 14th open water swim in St. Louis where Kathy Denton is its event director. The inaugural Swim Across America Charlotte became Swim Across America’s 15th open water swim on September 23rd 2017.

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