Super Heroes Of The Ice Swimming World

Super Heroes Of The Ice Swimming World

In Tyumen at the Russian Winter Swimming Championships on December 16th, the ultimate endurance race was conducted in a water temperature of 0.3°C and air temperatures between – 30°C and -33°C.

Within the greater battle between swimmers and Mother Nature, another mano-a-mano contest was courageously fought among the giants of the ice swimming community. From Russia, Andrei Sychev, Alexander Brylin, and Nikolai Glushkov; from Chile, Cristian Vergara; from South Africa, Ram Barkai; and from Estonia, Thomas Huggy and Henry Kaarma.

The battle ultimately came down between two Russian heroes of the black ice hole: Alexander Brylin and Andrei Sychev. In mind-boggling swims that lasted over one hour, the men lasted over 2 kilometers in the literally freezing temperatures.

Ultimately, local Tyumen swimmer Sychev – a surprise winner in 2011 – defended his championship and outlasted his Russian rival by swimming a total of 2.25 km in 1 hour 6 minutes. The multi-talented, multi-dimensional ice swimmer has only been ice swimming for 2 years. The 46-year-old resident of Tyumen is also a blacksmith and author. “I’m a blacksmith and write books. My third book from the Blacksmiths of Russia series was published in 2012. [But] winter swimming is hard work.” A video of Sychev’s swim is below.

1. Andrei Sychev (Tyumen, Russia) swam 2250m in 1:06:15
2. Alexander Brylin (Blagoveshchensk, Russia) swam 2200m in 1:01:43
3. Henry Kaarma (Estonia) swam 1650m in 25:25
4. Nikolai Glushkov (Novosibirsk, Russia) swam 1050m in 21:18

Natalie Gray of Moscow, Russia won the women’s endurance race by swimming 1050m total (shown above).

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